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Informed patients are likely in better control of their medical needs. That is why at Nocio, we are constantly on the watch for the latest news on treating pain and its underlying conditions. Below, you will see links to recent articles we believe may be of greatest benefit to you. We hope this information will help expedite your journey to better health. 

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recent articles

Pain management and treatment is a fast-evolving field.

Here are articles on some of the latest developments around pain diagnoses, treatments and outcomes that we have compiled for your educational benefit.

minnesota clinic attacked over opioid pills

Doctors who say no to opioid use face threats from patients

Doctors who treat pain say threats of violence escalated markedly in recent years as mounting legal and regulatory pressure stemming from the deadly opioid epidemic led many to prescribe alternatives and taper their patients off addictive painkillers.

While some patients benefit from careful use of opioids, and doctors don’t want to stigmatize them, many would be better off treating pain with other therapies, experts say. But many become addicted to the drugs … (READ MORE)

VA Announces New “Breakthrough” Painkiller Replacement For Opioids

The new drug, called ZH853, was developed by VA scientists out of the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System in collaboration with Tulane University. The goal of the research was to develop a drug that helps address higher levels of pain without the side effects.

Some of the more concerning side effects of opioids include addiction and depressed breathing. The developer of the drug, James Zadina, PhD, enjoys dual appointments at VA and Tulane. About the new drug, Zadina said, “A drug that prevents the transition from acute to chronic relapsing pain would represent a true breakthrough in drug development for pain management.” (READ MORE)

If you have found an article or video that you think will be of interest to patients suffering from chronic pain, or to health care professionals trying to learn about the latest advances, please fill out the form below and let us know. We are always open to new ideas and techniques!

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