Expert testimony and independent examinations


When it comes to expert medical consultancy, you ideally want an expert practitioner with great people skills. Medical colleagues and patients alike regularly turn to Ann Cheri Foxx, MD, for her consulting abilities, based on the depth and quality of her clinical insights and her personable, patient-centric perspective.

Whether you’re seeking input from an independent medical practitioner or need expert witness testimony, Dr. Foxx stands ready to deliver.


Expert Medical Examinations, Opinions, and Testimony

There are many situations where you may find yourself in need of an expert medical opinion or skills of board-certified pain medicine specialist.

We work hard to assess each individual need and situation.

Expert testimony

Many cases require medical expert testimony. Without it, judges or arbitrators will often dismiss the case or decide it early. This is because courts have decided that technical medical information in complex medical cases is often too complicated to sort through without help.


Independent medical examinations

Insurance companies and courts often mandate that patients with painful conditions undergo a non-biased review of the patient’s medical condition to verify that the reported injuries are real, that the initial examination and assessment are accurate about the extent of pain claimed by the plaintiff, and that this condition is not attributable to a different cause.


Quality medical diagnoses + opinions

While pain is often a warning signal that something is wrong in a patient’s body, uncovering the underlying cause of that pain can often be difficult without expert diagnostic input.

Based on her years of experience and wide variety of cases seen, and her focus on patient-centric care, Dr. Foxx is regarded by peers and patients as a high-quality diagnostician. Time and again, she is able to quickly discern, analyze and advise on the underlying root causes of pain, providing patients with better and more accurate care and treatment.


Interim medical directorship

Based on the breadth and depth of her medical experience, Dr. Foxx can serve as an experienced interim medical director, ensuring that your facility’s operational and clinical goals are met.

Dr. Foxx is experienced in all aspects of service as a medical director, including oversight of patient care oversight, fulfillment and development of policies and procedures, and supervision of clinical and non-clinical staff. If needed, she is also able to provide informed, experienced input on policies related to a facility’s emergency care and disaster preparedness.


Expert Assessments and Independent Examinations

Call on Dr. Foxx for an Expert Opinion

Whether you’re seeking input from an independent medical practitioner or you require expert witness testimony, Dr. Foxx stands ready to deliver.

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